We have gotten so many positive letters and comments from our clients over the years, everyone loves Ziggy! Here are a few of our favorite ones that we would like to share with you:


"Above and beyond!! In what was a tough market with today's credit challenges and market values our Realtor/broker, Pat Zicarelli (Ziggy), was able to get us the best price, even above appraisal value!

He basically resold the deal after the appraisal came in lower than expected and had to hand/walk the other Realtor and his client/buyer through the process. He took the reigns and got the process moving forward, he even had the other clients calling him with questions! Goes to show you how knowledgeable, trusting and straight forward he is!

His professionalism and follow-up are top notch...What we liked best is his "hands on" approach and his communications regarding our property were clear, constant and honest!
We have moved 6 times, this move being the most challenging, Ziggy made this process as smooth and stress-free as possible...

Ziggy, thank-you again for all that you do!  I still can hear you say, "I'm a Realtor not a Magician"!  You could have fooled us, lol!"

Your friends,

Billie and Debbie
North Richland Hills, TX

"My spouse passed away and left me with an older apartment building and half of a dilapidated house.. I needed to sell both for my retirement at the best possible price. My problem was to find a realtor that I could trust and who could navigate all of the obstacles I was faced with.

As luck would have it, the company that managed the apartment building had a new owner, Mr. Pat Zicarelli, who tells you to call him, "Ziggy". As informal as the name sounds, Ziggy is quite knowedgeable of the real estate business with a long list of accomplishments in his career. He is a natural born negotiator who has the patience to handle the most difficult situations with finesse and the wisdom that comes from dealing with the most complicated issues and people.

Ziggy graciously accepted my dilemma and told me, "No worries, I'll get you the best price the market has to offer." He did just that. Not only did the properties sell above asking price and quickly, all parties to the sales were happy with the transactions. It went smoothly because Ziggy kept all of us informed with a clear understanding and transparency you don't often find in today's business world.

Mr. Zicarelli earned the respect of buyers and sellers in the real estate business because of his outstanding accomplisments, his wisdom of people and the market, but I think most of all because he likes making people happy. He wants the customer on both sides of the sale to feel they were treated with the respect and service they deserve."


Michael V. Gleich


"Dear Ziggy:

When I asked you if you would handle the sale of my late sister's house here in Tarzana, I assumed that there would be a period of offers and counter-offers and lots of time for me to empty the house.

I could never have imagined that you would in effect sell the house almost immediately, at a higher price than I was prepared to accept, and with an absolute minimum of additional costs and problems for me.

This was the first time I ever sold a home, and I worried about everything until you convinced me that you would do the worrying for me, and that you would handle everything. I've been reading about all the awards and commendations you've received over the years, and I understand now why you deserved all of them. You not only have all the necessary expertise for taking care of business, but you are also a kind, compassionate gentleman. You surely understood that I was in an emotional state following the loss of my sister. Your caring attitude towards me meant even more to me than the eventual successful conclusion of our business transaction.

My sister's children, who are her beneficiaries, asked me to convey their thanks as well. I assure you that we will all recommend you to anyone who is looking for the best of all possible realtors, as well as a truly decent, trustworthy human being."


Leona (Nonie) Lann